In order to ensure high quality products it is really important to be sure of the raw materials quality. For this reason, our suppliers are constantly monitored by our Quality Control Office. Besides, we always check the raw materials to ensure their compliance with the required specifications. Our laboratory verifies the raw materials hardness, specific gravity, and whenever necessary, it also checks the compression set, resistance to oils, etc.


To ensure the quality of a product means first of all, to have a thorough knowledge of all the possible problems in each and every production phase. Our company uses modern machinery and has highly-qualified staff. In addition to the technical means and specific competences, we pay particular attention to the search for the best production parameters in terms of quality and economic aspects.

In 2008, we set up a robotized production area. This allows us to have greater consistency and reach higher efficiency in the moulding process. Frequent checks by Department Managers and Quality Control employees, are then performed during the production operations.


Over the years, our company has set up an efficient finishing department for semi-finished products. This department contains:

  1. cryogenic deburring machines
  2. industrial washing machines
  3. post-vulcanisation ovens

This equipment gives us great flexibility and speed in meeting our customers’ requests and allows us to have constant control of all the productions phases.


Our finished products are ALWAYS 100% selected by our experienced workers of the Sorting Department or by our automatic selection department which, thanks to its outstanding efficiency and reliability, enables us to manage big quantities of finished products and ensure their high quality.


Our company aims to be known for the excellent quality of its products, and in this perspective, it obtained the UNI EN ISO 9001 quality certification in 2003. Nonetheless, we are always on the lookout for opportunities that can improve our quality system by introducing new operating and statistical systems. All items produced by Foresti Gomma are duly identified, and it is always possible to trace the production batch and verify all parameters. All collected data are checked, recorded and stored up for 15 years.